Little Steps Workshop

African Clay Mask Making Workshop

MaskThis dynamic workshop is both an introduction to and a celebration of West African culture; and a means by which students are given the opportunity to experience ‘otherness’ as something positive and non-threatening, whilst honing and discovering their own unique creative skills and talents.

Singing, dancing, the use of maps and role play are all tools of this excellent workshop, which not only provides genuine insight into African culture but culminates in each child's participation in the creation, design and decoration of his/her very own clay mask.

The workshops include:

  • Clay mask making
  • Greetings in Nigerian languages
  • Songs from Ghana
  • Dances from the Ivory Coast
  • Learning about African Royal Families
  • Why masks were made
  • How to make African decorations

The Little Steps African mask making workshop is immensely popular with children of all nationalities. It celebrates African culture whilst providing a space for fun, and creativity that is universal. In it's simple way it encourages respect and acceptance of differences between cultures whilst highlighting that which is similar and universal. An important lesson for us all in our present global climate.

Lastly, Ivy understands the balance needed between providing information and allowing the children the freedom to express themselves and to trust their own creative choices. Your children will have a fantastic experience that they will never forget!

“The activities were excellent and well delivered.“
“An excellent opportunity for the children which should be accessible to all year groups!
“Thank you for giving us a chance to make these cultural masks!”

Give your children the opportunity to experience an amazing African mask making workshop at The Little Steps Workshop...